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Randall Gibson
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BA Univ. of Pennsylvania in PR/Journalism, MPA Harvard School of Gov't, Worked on Wall St., UNEP in computer global resources info database (GRID), taught GIS at Smithsonian Nat. Hist Museum, Wash. DC. Co-founded Institute of Ecotechnics 1973, Chairman 1974-1982. Designed 140 ton sailing R/V. Conducted expeditions in Peruvian Amazon, Iran, Iraq, Nepal. Established centres in Aix-en-Provence, London, Kathmandu, & 2 projects in WA Kimberley region. Convened series of seven international conferences on eco-regions, set up historic preservation trusts, funded elephant migration studies in Etosha Nat. Park, S. Africa. Researched reed boat coating recipes along Rann of Kutch, India w/ Thor Heyerdahl. Member NY Explorer's Club since 1976. Fellow of Royal Geog. Society since 1978. Primary love of maritime history. Currently serve on rescue boats of AVCGA FLotilla 5, Noosa, Qld.
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