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Pete Mesley
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Pete Mesley
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Pete's passion for diving started in the cold English waters over 25 years ago. This is where his "Lust for Rust" was created and from then onwards he has dedicated himself to researching, finding, diving, photographing and leading expeditions to wreck diving meccas!
25 years diving experience
over 3000 hours in the water spanning over 16 counties
Been actively working full time in the diving industry for 23 years
One of the Southern Hemisphere's most experienced Technical Instructors.
Highest diving qualifications
PADI Course Director
PADI TEC100CCR Instructor, TDI Adv Trimix CCR Instructor
Advanced Cardiac Life Support Pre Hospital care training
Boatmaster Trainer ( up to 6 meter vessels)
Originally from Zimbabwe Pete married a Kiwi girl and moved to NZ in 1994. One of his recent expeditions was where he was one of 2 stills photographers brought in for a National Geographic expedition to the HMHS Britannic. Being part of a team of 10 divers from all over the world diving, documenting and photographing the famous wreck!
Also featuring in the National Geographic series X-Force The Science of Diving.
Pete has also been the first to dive many NZ deep wrecks. The Port Kembla in 2007, 96m (cargo ship hit German mine in 1917). HMS Puriri in 1999, 2000, 2005 in 97m (a Kiwi minesweeper sunk in 1940's), RMS Niagara 2000, 2004, 2006, in 125m (a luxurious Ocean liner sunk by German mine in 1940's) He is also a veteran of the Mikhail Lermontov with over 400 hours inside the wreck!
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