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Neville Coleman
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Neville Coleman
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Honorary Fellow Australian Institute of Professional Photography
Research Associate Australian Museum
Consultant Queensland Museum
Project AWARE Honorary Board of Governors ASIA/PACIFIC

Multi-award winning photographic environmentalist, Neville has been seriously recording the aquatic wildlife of the Asia/Pacific region since 1963.
With over 1000 published articles in over 150 magazines, 100,000 images and 66 Marine life Natural history books (33 self published) to his credit, he is one of the most accomplished underwater educational natural history authors in the world.

In 1969 /73 he led the Australian Coastal Marine Expedition on the first underwater photographic fauna survey ever attempted around an entire continent. Since then he has completed over 160 expeditions throughout Australia and across the Asia/Indo-Pacific, from the Seychelles to Mexico, documenting some 12,000 species of aquatic flora and fauna and discovering over 450 new species of marine life.

Neville’s scientific collections, photographs and observations have contributed to over a hundred scientific papers and journals, books and magazines.

Although Neville’s first love is the sea, he is just as much at home photographing the denizens of Asia/Indo-Pacific’s Rain forest jungles, Wilderness wetlands, Mountain montages, Mangrove swamps and the Australian Deserts.

His expeditions, fauna surveys and Marine Life Courses and presentation tours are at the forefront of natural history exploration, education and conservation. Few divers anywhere have contributed as much to the science and literature of marine identification/biology, or the adventure experience of scuba diving.

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International Fellow