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Micheline Jenner
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Micheline Jenner
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Micheline was born in Sydney, Australia but raised in Auckland, New Zealand where she completed her M.Sc. in Marine Biology. She travelled to Hawaii where she met fellow colleague, Curt Jenner (IF’10). After 2 years studying humpback whales in Hawaii, Curt and Micheline married and then volunteered for a year at a killer whale research group in the San Juan Islands in Washington State.
In July 1990, Micheline and Curt initiated studies on cetaceans in Western Australia, firstly based from a 10 x 20 foot tin shed on a uninhabited island with a 17 foot inflatable boat, then from a 40 foot catamaran "WhaleSong" which they self-built, and now currently from an 80 foot converted tuna fishing boat named "WhaleSong II". Each progressive platform of research has enabled research further offshore for longer periods of time with wonderful discoveries along the way.
Micheline and Curt are dedicated to the protection of critical habitats for cetaceans using scientific studies to explore new offshore habitats that are becoming increasingly used by humankind.
With twenty years of vessel based expeditions recorded in her log book, Micheline has gained the commercial qualification to captain "WhaleSong II" . Micheline thoroughly enjoys long stints offshore with "WhaleSong II", especially when engaged in the intensive biodiversity surveys where every piece of seaweed, marine debris and marine fauna is documented.
Both Micheline and Curt operate as Scientists and Marine Crew in their offshore operations drawing on many interests and skills. Micheline has a keen interest in photography as this is one of the main scientific tools employed for recording natural history information of cetaceans.
Preparing efficiently for long periods at sea and creating interesting and wholesome sustenance for the crew are some of Michelines’ favourite challenges. Over the last eleven years Micheline has been involved in the on board school tutoring of their two girls, Micah (15) and Tasmin (10) using long distance education through the WA Schools of Isolated and Distance Education. She has enjoyed playing a role in their education and especially watching “the light turn on” with each new technique mastered. Micheline has enjoyed sketching and painting as well as photography to record the many stunning vistas they experience.
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