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Liam Allen
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Liam Allen spent his youth diving in the fresh water lakes and rugged west coast of Ireland. Moving to Sydney in 1997 he made a full time career in the diving industry. With more the 5000 dives to his credit, Liam has extensive experience in a wide variety of deep wreck diving locations across the world from the Norwegian Fjord's to the Pacific Islands. As a cave diver Liam has also experienced the diverse cave systems throughout Australia, China, Mexico and Florida.
He co-authored 'Beginning With The End In Mind' a GUE publication on the safe diving practices promoted within the GUE educational curriculum and has numerous articles and publications to his name.
An active explorer for almost 10 years Liam has been involved in a number of exploration projects throughout the world including:
2009 - GUE China Cave Exploration. This project saw some of the first ever cave dives conducted in China.
2011 - A deep wreck project to document the USS Atlanta in the Solomon Islands resting in 130m.
2012 and 2013 - A member of exploration team responsible for the ongoing documentation and exploration of the famous Swedish Battleship, Mars The Magnificent.
2014 - GUE exploration of the Mediterranean Sea searching for WWII wrecks off Tunisia and mapping and exploring ancient amphora dating back to 200 BC off the Italian island of Pantelleria.
In recognition for his work in technical diving he received the prestigious OZTeK Technical Diver of the Year Award 2013 for ‘Outstanding Achievement’s in Diving Exploration’ and in 2015 was elected as a Fellow of the International Explorers Club.
He is an Instructor Evaluator for GUE, a non-profit organization focusing on research, exploration and education, and is one of Australia's most active technical diving Instructors.
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