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Jade Kingsley
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Jade Kingsley
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Jade has been exploring the world since birth. She was born in Sri Lanka and adopted by her French Canadian parents at 2 weeks old. She went on to live with her family in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Uruguay, Colombia, and Mexico, each for periods of 2-3 years. She then went back to her "home" Montreal, where she graduated from McGill University with a bachelor in Biotechnology and Political science while working as a researcher in genetics. With a diverse background in hand, she started working for a pharmaceutical company in the technology assessment team. However, she realized she had to fulfill her dream of becoming a Veterinarian.

So, Jade moved to Australia, and is now pursuing a degree in Veterinary Medicine and does research in conservation genetics as well as in exotic animal nutrition. On her quest to becoming an exotic animal Vet, she has interned at the Wellington Zoo in NZ, Wolong Panda centre in China, and the elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka.

As an explorer and adventurer, Jade has travelled extensively in South America and Asia. She has paddled the full length of the Morona River in the Amazon basin in complete autonomy, in an indigenous dugout canoe. This allowed her to meet and live with isolated indigenous communities, namely the "Shuar and Huambiza" people. Jade has also trekked in the western provinces of China which allowed her to practice her Chinese, to then cross over to Myanmar by foot on the "Old Burma road" still officially closed off.

When she is not exploring or studying vetmed, Jade enjoys wildlife photography, climbing, and white water kayaking.
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