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Claude Meunier
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Claude Meunier
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Claude had a long passion for flying. He learnt to fly early in life and became a flight instructor. In 1985 he built his first aircraft, a 4 seat wood and fabric Jodel. This was followed by a V-Tail Bonanza and later a twin engine Aerostar and finally a Robinson 44 helicopter. Claude flew his various aircraft through Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and Asia and finally he flew solo around the World in 1996.

Following his world flight and searching for material to write a book on solo flights around the World, he met other pilots and this led to the foundation of the ‘Earthrounders’ with Margi Moss of Brazil and Hans Gutmann of Austria, an informal association of pilots having flown around the World and of pilots intending to do it.

Claude created the Earthrounders Internet Site and is also involved with other aviation oriented Internet Sites, Aero Club and Ballooning. He holds many national and international aviation records.
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