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Clark Carter
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Clark Carter
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Clark Carter is passionate about two things: Adventure and Filmmaking. Fortunately for him, he is able to combine both of these passions into what is quickly becoming a career for the young Australian.

In 2005, at just 21 years of age, Clark, along with fellow adventurer Chris Bray (22), attempted the first complete traverse of Victoria Island in the Canadian arctic, a distance of approximately 1000km, unsassisted, using home made (and designed) wheeled kayaks. After 58 days, they found they were only a third of the way across and had to accept defeat. Not ones to give up easily, the pair returned to Victoria Island in 2008, armed with a whole lot of hindsight. They continued where they left off (literally) and after a further 75 days on the land, they finally finished their mission to traverse the Island at it's widest point. Clark and Chris were honored to receive the prestigious Spirit of Adventure Award in 2008 by the Australian Geographic Society for their efforts.

Upon returning from the arctic, Clark completed his degree at the University of NSW with a B.Arts (Media and Communications) majoring in film. With a couple of expeditions and a degree under his belt, Clark is excited to be getting stuck into film and television work this year, including making the documentary on the arctic expeditions.

During his travels, Clark endeavours to capture not only his experiences on film, but also record the world through which he travels. Rather than embarking on adventures trying to rule and conquer the elements, Clark chooses instead to immerse him-self in them, and in this way he gets more out of the experience. Exploring how far the human spirit can push the body past its perceived limits, Clark has experienced parts of the globe that very few ever have, inspiring others to also reach beyond their own limits.
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