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Ann S. McFarlane
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Ann S. McFarlane
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Ann McFarlane has a BA from Scripps College, California, and gained her PhD in Egyptology at Macquarie University where she has been affiliated since the introduction of the discipline to Australia in 1980, presently as Honorary Associate in Egyptology. Her main area of interest and research is Old Kingdom Egypt, concentrating on aspects of administration, art and architecture. She joined the Macquarie archaeological expedition in 1981, first as research assistant and later as assistant director, excavating in Egypt over 25 seasons at five Old Kingdom sites in Middle Egypt as well as at the royal cemeteries of Giza and Saqqara near Cairo.
A specialist in epigraphy and architecture, Dr. McFarlane was from 2000-2006 Director of two excavation projects at Saqqara funded by the ARC. She is the author of four scientific monographs, co-author of four books and has contributed to over 30 volumes of site reports. In addition to a number of articles and book reviews published in academic journals, she edited for 10 years the annual Bulletin of the Australian Centre for Egyptology. In 2000 she was instrumental in bringing to Australia an exhibition curated in Prague called ‘Egypt by Touch’, the first museum exhibition devised exclusively for the sight handicapped, which opened at Parliament House NSW to coincide with the Sydney Para-Olympics and remains in Australia for the use of the general public.
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