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Jeff Maynard
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Jeff Maynard
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Jeff Maynard is an author and documentary-maker passionate about recording little known aspects of Australia’s history. He commenced diving in 1987 and shortly after began researching the history of diving. In 1992 he became interested in the story of the recovery of eight tons of gold from the ‘RMS Niagara’ during World War Two. He located the surviving members of the crew and the lost film that was taken during the salvage. His books on diving history include ‘Niagara’s Gold’ and ‘Divers in Time’. A former President of the Historical Diving Society – Australia Pacific, Jeff edits the Society’s quarterly magazine, ‘Classic Diver’. Jeff has also spent many years researching and locating the lost records of Australian polar explorer Sir Hubert Wilkins. He is the author ‘Wings of Ice’ and 'The Unseen Anzac'. Jeff's third book on Sir Hubert Wilkins, 'Crossing Antarctica - The Wyatt Earp Story' will be published in 2018.
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