Evening of Adventure Highlights: Lucas Handley & Eric Philips 14 September 2017

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Some people like to go camping when they go on an adventure. Eric Philips is one of those people; except when he ventures outdoors and sets up a tent it often involves trekking through -20 to -50-degree weather.

“I’ve been to the north and south poles around about 25 times now,” Eric Philips recalled. “That’s what I do for a living, a hobby, my passion, and my life.” Mr Philips – who has experience in pioneering expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica – was among two of the guest speakers to give a presentation at an Australian and New Zealand Chapter of the Explorers Club (ANZEC) event in Sydney.

The ANZEC Evening of Adventure attracted more than 50 people, including ANZEC members, to the Balmoral Boathouse on September 14.

Freediver Lucas Handley was also among the guests to attend the event. “I’ve spent quite a few years traveling to some of the hardest places to get to, and I’ve been experiencing them on one breath,” Mr Handley said. “I’ve explored the Marovo lagoon which is one of the largest lagoon systems in the world.” The self-described humanitarian and environmentalist has even free dived to depths many scuba divers would not have dreamed to have blown bubbles from.

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For all our ANZEC members who could not make this event we welcome you to watch the presentations of Lucas Handley and Eric Philips via the links below.  Please note that these video presentations are not for public viewing, and require you to log in with your ANZEC username/password to access the links.


Comments from our Members

ANZEC member Mike McDowell said the quality of the presentations throughout the evening was excellent. “We don’t need any enticement; when something is on we’re down here because it’s just a great night with a great bunch of people,” he said. Having been a member of the Explorers Club for the past 20 years, he experienced his fair share of adventures. “I’ve been mountain climbing, on submarines down to the Titanic, and I’ve been to the Arctic,” he said.

Explorers Club member Peter Fields was another keen adventurer to attend the event. “My specialty is wreck diving and wreck finding, and my secondary interest is aviation and sailing,” Mr Fields said. He also added that being a fellow of the club has led him to meet some incredible people. “I’ve had a wonderful time, and I’ve met the best people, and without fail they are very modest great achievers,” he added.

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Special Tanks to Jayne Jenkins, Damien Siverio, John and Ann Leece, The Boathouse Balmoral, Grant Dwyer, Melinda Brown and Sophie Kesterven

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