Christmas Evening of Adventure – Sydney, 23rd November 2017

The Australia & New Zealand Chapter of the Explorers Club (ANZEC) is proud to announce our Special Christmas ‘ANZEC Evening of Adventure’ in Sydney.

The ANZEC Christmas Evening of Adventure will be held at the stunning Balmoral Boathouse from 6:30 pm on Thursday, 23rd of November 2017 (Presentations start at 7.30 pm).

Open to all members and non-members, this stimulating evening will include presentations from two pioneering adventurers:  Valerie Taylor and Mike McDowell. These two national living treasures will talk about their experiences and discoveries in two vastly different but equally challenging environments. You will also have the opportunity to meet and talk with other like-minded adventurers on the night.

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The following two explorers will share their passion for adventures:

Valerie Taylor “Surviving Blue Water White Death”

Valerie and her underwater cameraman husband Ron Taylor, had dedicated much of their lives to exploration, adventure, conservation and science. Since the mid 60’s, they had been an advisor to, and leader of many marine expeditions around the world. Valerie almost single-handedly campaigned for, and achieved the protection of, several marine habitats around the world, well before concern for the marine environment was in the public conscious.   In 1969, Valerie and Ron set out on a ground breaking marine expedition, to find and Film, Carcharodon carcharias….The Great White Shark. The Expedition took over nine months and traveled from Durban, South Africa, across the Indian Ocean and finally to South Australia.

Mike McDowell “Adventurers Behaving Badly, the untold stories from the edge of the world”

Michael McDowell is one of Australia’s greatest adventurers. He is a leading innovator, pioneering the use of Russian icebreakers to take expeditioners into the frozen reaches of the Arctic, Antarctic and North Pole in 1991. He also founded Adventure Network International that continues to be the primary private aviation logistic support company in the interior Antarctic continent. He has organised significant natural history and scuba diving expeditions in remote regions of Papua New Guinea, Micronesia and Indonesia for many years. In the late 1990’s he again pioneered the use deep diving submersibles to take people to explore the oceans’ depths including Titanic, the Bismarck, and the Mariana Trench. He has been organizing remote location expeditions for 26 years and currently serves on the board of Space Adventures which offers space travel to the general public.

Mike will share untold stories of over 30 years of expedition. The close shaves and the great unknown achievements.

An Evening not to be missed

An evening that promises to be as informative and entertaining as it is inspirational – one that’s open to everyone with a taste for excitement and adventure

Bookings for this ticketed event are essential and cost just $30.00 for ANZEC members and $40.00 for non-members (including a dinner, beers/wines and soft drinks).

LIMIT OF 50 TICKETS – Please RSVP and PAY using our online ticketing system, by clicking here. Please forward this invitation to any like minded friends and family.

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Laurence Bate

Laurence has been an active adventurer and photographer for most of his life. He resides in Sydney, Australia and is a regular traveller. Laurence has a strong interest in remote telecommunications systems and currently works as technical manager designing and implementing telecommunication systems at the company he founded. In his spare time he is always looking to plan the next expedition destination to enjoy exploring via trekking, riding, diving, kayaking, sailing, flying or any other mode to get there. :)

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