New Website Launch

We have just launched a new version of the Australian & New Zealand Explorers Club chapter website! The new site offers significant improvements in the way we deliver content to members and the public, though is just at the beginning of its lifecycle.

All member profiles details have been carried across from the old site. Unfortunately, the member profile images were incompatible with the new website and therefore were lost in the migration. Login details have also maintained, with access to the new website using the same username and password that you previously had.

I would encourage all members to login and update their profile information, including a new profile and cover images.

Any suggestions for additions or changes to the new website are more than welcome. Similarly, if you’re involved in exploration and have something to share, we’d love to showcase member activity on the website. Please contact me directly have this. 

Kind Regards,

Damien Siviero

ANZEC Webmaster

0414 460 992


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I’ve don’t know my username & password?

A. You can reset your password using your registered email address. Simply click the “Forget?” link on the member Login Page, enter your email address and wait for the reset email. If you no longer have access to your registered email address (or have forgotten it), contact me for help.

Q. How do I update my profile & image?

A. Once logged in, it’ll direct you to your Profile Page. From there, click the Edit Profile button – you can then edit all fields except Member Type and Country. If you need these changed, contact me.

Q. What size image should I upload for my profile?

A. Two images are used to display your profile. 1) Profile Image – this is a square image which is tagged to your profile (top left of profile page), much like an avatar or similar. You can upload most images files (e.g. JPG, PNG) and edit them to a square format on the website. 2) Cover Image – this is the wide format image used on the Profile Page, it should be JPEG or PNG, with exact dimensions 846x252px for best results.

Q. I’m totally lost and need help!

A. Please call Damien – 0414 460 992

About Author

Damien Siviero

Damien is a photographer and International Fellow of the Explorers Club. He's been the first to locate, identify and document various shipwrecks and marine eco-systems through-out the Asia-Pacific region. He also holds the Webmaster role for the ANZEC chapter. Damien's been directly involved in the discovery of the shipwrecks MV Fairwind, SS Federal, MV Limerick, ex-HMAS Pioneer and Andreas’ Wreck (SS Yamba). He's helped lead explroation dives on various deep reefs in the Coral Sea and GBR. An avid cave diver, Damien has also documented many Florida and Mexico cave system, publishing a variety of photographic and video content of the area. Based in Sydney, Damien's focus is on searching for new shipwrecks and photographing marine life in the region.

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